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With a team of highly trained, customer-focused door supervisors, King Cobra Security ensures optimum safety, security and protection at all times.

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Fully Trained Door Supervisors (Formally Known As A Door Man Or Bouncer)

SIA licensed team of former military, police officers and industry professionals

Door supervisors, also known as a door man or bouncer, are responsible for maintaining the safety of both customers and staff at various venue types, including pubs, bars, nightclubs and other licensed premises or public events. For this reason, we ensure that each member of our team has been handpicked due to their skills, experience and training. Not only this, but we have also put our door supervisors through first aid training and arrange regular training sessions in areas such as physical intervention and hand-cuffing techniques.

We have a reputable team of in-house trainers, which allows us to offer our team follow-up training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) far easier and without any delay. As part of our mission to provide clients with only the best of the best, we ask all door supervisors to attend a 2-hour training session every 8 weeks, which is documented in their CPD logs.

Nightclub Door Supervisors For All Event Types

Handling every situation promptly, professionally and within legal boundaries

Before beginning the job, a complete risk assessment, along with health and safety checks, will be completed, ensuring that all potential scenarios can be handled promptly with care and diligence. Our nightclub door supervisors will also be dressed in full uniform with personal protective equipment, ensuring that they too can remain safe regardless of the situation they may be faced with.

Along with supervising the door of nightclubs during usual working hours, our door supervisors can also support one-off events, keeping your customers and staff protected at all times. With this in mind, the types of areas that we typically cover are:

Typical Trade

Private Events

Corporate Events

Parties & Celebrations

We Are Approved For The Use Of SmartTag

All of our security guards are fully trained in the use and deployment of the innovative SmartTag device, which is a forensic marking solution used to reduce crime. This will be used only as and when it is needed to deter individuals or groups from causing further disturbances on your premise.

SmartTag is designed in the form of a spray can, which, when triggered, will disperse SmartWater onto an individual or group. As the SmartWater fluid is equipped with DNA that is unique to each canister, the chemical will stick to clothing and make it far easier for officers to identify criminals at a later date using UV lights. This chemical is not harmful and is a fantastic resource for all door supervisors.

Door Supervisor, Bouncer & Nightclub Security FAQs

Taking a transparent approach to our services

Before hiring nightclub security or a door supervisor for any other event type, we recognise the importance of extensive research. For this reason, we have put together extra information in the form of our FAQs:

Why Is Hiring Door Supervisors (Club Bouncers) Important?

The role of a club door supervisor, also known as a club bouncer, is to mitigate potential risks through implementing the strict guidelines set by the owner of the premises. More reasons why door supervisors are essential to control the environment include:

Access Management

From ensuring that the establishment does not go over its maximum capacity to checking age identification, nightclub security covers the complete management of club access.

Rule Enforcement

Every account is tailored to our client’s requirements, so if you have specific rules that must be enforced, such as dress codes, our team will be fully briefed on all guidelines.

Handling Situations

It is not uncommon for dangerous situations to arise in club environments; however, our door supervisors will always strive to handle the risk with minimum fuss to diffuse the problem quickly.

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"We are absolutely thrilled with the service we have received from King Cobra Security, they have provided us with consistently high quality, reliability and professionalism. They’ve also been excellent at supporting us in implementing COVID-19 measures across our site when hosting events."