Traveller & Tenant Eviction

King Cobra Enforcement can support squatter, traveller and tenant evictions, ensuring that individuals or the group leave the site quickly, with little fuss, and most importantly, legally.

Experienced Bailiffs Covering Tenant Eviction Notices Across The UK

Backed by a team of authorised enforcement agents

King Cobra Enforcement can assist in the implementation of a tenant eviction notice, ensuring that individuals are evicted quickly, safely and cost-efficiently. Our bailiffs can provide a nationwide service covering both England and Wales, including not only evictions but also valid legal notices to quit and taking tenants to court, along with gaining a successful possession order and a warrant of possession to remove your tenant.

If required, we can issue a same-day notice. One simple instruction to proceed, and we will attend to service a 24 hours notice to leave. While on site, we will carry out a full risk assessment to ensure that the process runs smoothly, safely and legally, providing you with a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Bailiffs & Enforcement Agents

Rectify problems quickly, efficiently and safely

Along with tenants, our bailiffs and enforcement agents can also cover traveller and squatter evictions. We recognise that evicting trespassers from your land can be incredibly daunting and often frightening, which is why King Cobra Enforcement have a dedicated team on hand. Not only this, but we can also offer you a post-eviction service, leaving security on site until provisions are made to prevent the return of travellers in the future. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you and your land remain protected, so we will provide ongoing support until optimum safety is achieved.

Trespasser & Squatter Evictions Using Drone Assessments

Used to maximise the efficiency of the eviction process

At King Cobra Enforcement, we share a passion for integrating the latest technology into our services, which means that our eviction specialists also use drones to assess the area before heading into a scenario. This provides us with a reliable, fast method of mapping out routes and access points, allowing the eviction process to run smoothly without any unexpected hurdles.

The drones used for our trespasser and squatter eviction services are designed with state-of-the-art features, able to reach a height of 400ft with a speed of 45mph. They are more than capable of flying up to 6 miles, providing that they remain within the pilot’s line of view. The footage captured can not only be viewed in real-time but will also be saved and can be provided to you if required.


Our reputable team have extensive experience covering all areas of enforcement, including the following:

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If you require our eviction services, you can find more information on our FAQs. Alternatively, to begin discussing your current situation, please get in touch with our reputable team.

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"We had a tenant who was becoming increasingly problematic, verbally abusive and refusing to pay, so we got in touch with King Cobra. They completely took the stress out of the eviction process, explaining everything in so much detail and getting the job done quickly. Despite the hurdles in the way, they did not mess around at all, and the issue was resolved within a few hours. Thank you, King Cobra! "