Mobile Patrols

Our certified, trained mobile patrols offer complete peace of mind that your site is protected, adapting to a vast range of tasks to ensure that criminals are deterred and your property and those inside remain safe.

Reliable Mobile Patrol Security

Offering bespoke solutions tailored to your sites risk level

Through spending time understanding your requirements, demand for security and budget, we will devise a bespoke mobile patrol security solution. This can cover patrols at set times throughout the day or chosen randomly, including drive-by assessments, checks using our K9 unit and much more, based on the potential threats faced by your site. From here, we will then be able to hand-select officers that possess the correct skill set and training to complete your requests and offer the highest standard of service.

We offer two different types of mobile patrol services, which can be hired individually or combined for maximum protection; these include the following:

Foot Patrolling

Foot patrolling involves trained, experienced guards walking around your site to assess the overall security. They can also inspect vulnerable spots such as access points, windows and the storage facilities of valuables.

Vehicle Patrolling

For larger sites with increased risk, our vehicle patrols are ideal. Not only can vehicle patrols cover a far greater area than guards on foot, but they can also be deployed to specific areas in minimal time as a threat arises.

Who May Need A Mobile Security Patrol?

Highly experienced in covering various landscapes

There are many benefits that come alongside enlisting a mobile security patrol, from guaranteed meticulous inspections to acting as an effective visual deterrent. Not only this, but we are able to offer protection on a 24-hour basis, ensuring that your site continues to be protected even when you are outside of your operating hours.

Our patrols provide rapid responsiveness, complete reliability and utmost professionalism, regardless of the setting they are deployed to. Just some examples of the various locations that we can support through our mobile patrols include, but are not limited to, the following:

Residential Buildings

Government Sites

Office Blocks

Educational Campuses

Industrial Units

Parking Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our mobile patrol services

If you are interested in our mobile patrol solutions, we have put together FAQs for additional information on the services we provide. Should you have any further queries, our team are always happy to help, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sharing Client Feedback

So passionate about what they do!

"King Cobra are a credit to the security industry, they really are so passionate about what they do and the protection of their clients. By far, they have been the best mobile patrol company we have come across, and nothing is ever too much for them. I have recommended their services to a few others who have had equally as positive experiences! "