Drone Security

As a unique method of protecting your property, assets and staff, our experts in drone security can arrange a visit to your site to assess your needs and determine a tailored solution.

State-Of-The-Art Surveillance Drone

Using modern technology to maximise protection

Drone security is a relatively new area for the security industry, but it is one that can prove hugely effective in combating crime. Offering a view of sites that is impossible to achieve through other means, drones are capable of filling in the blanks left by CCTV blind spots. They have the ability and complete flexibility to be moved and adjusted to offer an uninterrupted view of a potential issue.

At King Cobra Security, we share a passion for embracing the latest, state-of-the-art technology and offer bespoke surveillance drone services, able to reach as high as 400 feet. These are not only ideal for ongoing protection but also for checking sites before entering, particularly when a safe route in and out must be determined. For example, if a client is to own a large warehouse, the use of a drone allows us to assess the property to map out patrol routes.

Benefits Of Our CCTV Drones

Offering a unique way to keep your site safe

Even remote-controlled CCTV can only pivot from a fixed position; however, with drone security, on the other hand, this is no longer an issue. The sky truly is the limit, which means that you have free reign to cover a large surface area of land in minimal time, limiting the need for human guards on patrol. In return, you are provided with a cost-effective yet highly reliable security solution. Not only this, but we will also be able to provide you with all footage captured via the drone.

Knowing that a property is protected by CCTV drone surveillance is enough to discourage many would-be intruders from breaking in. Having a drone visibly patrolling the site sends an instant message that their every move can be tracked, even once they make a getaway. If you were to use only conventional CCTV, you would only have control of tracking a perpetrator until the point where they leave your site, making your surveillance limited.

Our Drone Security Services

Scalable, flexible solution to meet your needs

Having spent many years supporting clients, we recognise that every site has different requirements, which is why we offer various drone security services to meet your needs. These include:

Security Mapping

Ideal for events, evictions and more

Security mapping shows you an overview of the site, providing an opportunity to seek out potential security vulnerabilities. Especially when working on large projects over a great distance, it is difficult to gain the full picture from simply patrolling the site. A drone allows you the bird’s eye view of the entire plot at once. It also makes it easier for teams deployed to specific areas to visualise the issues that may arise.

External Security Survey

Capture miles of footage

There may be many areas of a site that are tricky to reach on foot, but a drone has no such issues. You can photograph on top of the roof and in hard to reach sections, plus you can constantly monitor around the grounds for intruders.

Internal Security Survey

Increase efficiency and safety

Producing 360-degree images of a property allows you to brief all members of security staff on the layout of the property without the disruption of taking them all to visit in person. You can also spot potential security vulnerabilities and assess methods of resolving them.

FAQs On Our Drone Security

Do not hesitate to contact us for further queries

For more information on our drone security services, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Sharing Client Feedback

Would most definitely recommend!

"We were looking for a new surveillance method for our large industrial unit and, after researching many different companies, came across King Cobra Security. They ran through many different options with us and recommended drone security, which is something that no one else had suggested. We were really impressed with their level of knowledge and felt confident in their recommendations, so we went ahead with the idea. It has been an absolute winner for us, and we have never felt more secure. Really would recommend this option to anyone considering it! "