Security Companies in Milton Keynes

Our goal is to become one of the leading, one-stop security companies in Milton Keynes through maintaining utmost professionalism, reliability and clarity with every account.

Private Security

As specialists in private security in Milton Keynes, our mission is to handle all of your security and enforcement needs under one roof. Our team is composed of exceptionally trained individuals, most of which are former military or police officers, and share our commitment to outstanding quality.

To ensure that our clients can place their complete trust in our highly trained, experienced team, we have worked hard to gain not only a high reputation but also a wealth of accreditations. We are licensed by a number of leading industry bodies such as the SIA, The British Bodyguard Association and National Association Of Security Dog Users.


Our highly trained, experienced bailiffs in Milton Keynes are well-versed in handling all scenarios, whether this may be against residential or commercial trespassers. We have approved enforcement agents in-house, who will ensure that the issue is solved quickly, legally and safely, enforcing orders in as little as a few hours.

Not only do we have reputable bailiffs, but we can also offer a commercial lease forfeit, which does not require the landlord to go to court. Providing that the tenancy has the appropriate clause, there will be no need for the tenant to be provided with notice before we enter the property. We will always strive to do this peacefully, then once complete, we will invite a locksmith to change the locks and secure the property.

Event Security

From festivals and concerts to charity events, King Cobra Security can cover a broad scope of event types, offering comprehensive solutions to keep both your attendees and staff safe. Our event security in Milton Keynes not only includes manned guarding, mobile patrols and crowd control but also the supply of security resources. This can include security gates, heras fencing, detector wands and much more, depending on the scale and demands of your event.

As one of the highest trained event security companies in Milton Keynes, we will ensure that situations are handled quickly, efficiently and legally, keeping disruption at a minimum. Not only this, but we are also able to provide drone surveillance of your site, which offers a 360-degree view of your event, able to travel as far as 6 miles.

Door Security

Opting to hire our specialist in door security in Milton Keynes comes alongside a wealth of benefits. Not only will they be able to effectively enforce rules but also handle tricky situations, preventing them from escalating. Other aspects such as age identification and maximum capacity numbers can also be thoroughly checked, ensuring that your company policies are always followed.

In order to provide our clients with the highest standard of service, all of our security guards are also well-versed in first aid and regularly embark on additional training at our in-house facility. This training is part of our team’s continuous development and is completed every eight weeks. For more information on our bouncer and nightclub security in Milton Keynes, please get in touch with our team.

Tenant Eviction

Our team are highly experienced in tenant evictions in Milton Keynes, able to issue a same-day notice if necessary. All our team will need is the go-ahead from you to proceed with the instructions, and they will be able to provide tenants with a 24-hour notice to leave. We recognise that in some instances, this can be incredibly daunting, especially if the tenant is becoming increasingly problematic. For this reason, we can also provide post-eviction services whereby a security team will remain on site until the issue is rectified.

Along with handling tenants, our eviction specialists in Milton Keynes can also evict trespassers, squatters and travellers. In this instance, a risk assessment will always be completed ahead of the eviction to determine the best suitable route, avoiding any hurdles along the way.

Dog Handlers

As a proven deterrent against suspected or ongoing legal behaviours, our K9 units can be deployed to many different scenarios and will always be accompanied by our certified dog handlers in Milton Keynes. All of our handlers are not only SIA licensed but have also been trained to the latest regulatory standards. They are fully covered by public liability insurance and are members of the NASDU.

When caring for our security dogs in Milton Keynes, the welfare of our K9 unit is our utmost priority. We ensure that all dogs are regularly checked by vets and enjoy the best possible life both professionally and outside of their role. Much like our security teams, our K9 units also undergo regular training to reassure their skill set.

Security Guard

Otherwise known as manned guarding, our security guards in Milton Keynes are deployed to a specific location to protect an individual, possession or building. Examples of instances where a static guard may be required include the guarding of equipment, scene securing, shop door supervision and much more.

Through enlisting the support of our static guards in Milton Keynes, you will ensure that a visual deterrent against criminal activity is guaranteed. Not only this, but emergencies will be responded to quickly, and optimum conflict management will be achieved. A team will always be handpicked for your site, ensuring that you are paired with professionals who have the relevant skills, knowledge and techniques to handle any threats that you may potentially face.

Traveller & Squatter Evictions

Having spent many years handling traveller evictions in Milton Keynes, as well as squatter evictions, our team recognise that the process can often be frightening, especially if trespassers have become aggressive. For this reason, we are able to complete a drone assessment before entering the site. This will ensure that routes can be mapped out, including entry and exit points, providing a safe plan of action to remove individuals or groups quickly without the need for physical intervention. Not only this, but we can also offer further services for those who have used our team for their traveller and squatter eviction in Milton Keynes, deploying security teams to your site to prevent the return of unwanted guests.

Sharing Client Feedback

"We have used King Cobra on a few different occasions, and we have always been able to rely on them 100%. Nothing is too much for the team, and every situation is handled with such care. We have recommended them to many others who have thanked us for recommending such a fantastic company! "