CPD Level 2 Introduction to Covert Operations (2 Days)

Covering many topics from understanding covert operations to actively using cover equipment, this level 2 course is perfect for those hoping to take the next steps in their role.

About The Course:

Our Introduction to Covert Operations qualification has been designed for Security and Local Authority Investigators who wish to understand the complexities of Covert Operations and may be considering entering the close protection, surveillance or investigation sectors.

This course involves a wide variety of information and knowledge about the covert world and touches on many practical elements of the more advanced course. It is an enjoyable, practical course with no examination pressures, meaning it is ideal for all types of learners.

Topics Covered:

To ensure that you are equipped with both the theory and practical knowledge you require to advance in your career, the following topics will be covered.

  • What are Covert Operations?
  • Why are Operational Orders important?
  • Methods of Entry
  • Covert Imagery
  • Difference between Information and Intelligence
  • Practical Surveillance
  • Using covert equipment
  • Understanding what Audio and Visual bugs are and the role of the TSCM operator

Course Details:

The Level 2 Introduction to Covert Operations qualification is a two day course that will be assessed by instructor observations and practical exercises. As the qualification is accredited by Security CPD Global Ltd, there is no set duration in which it will remain valid.