Are you able to provide a service to remove travellers from my land?

King Cobra Enforcement operate on a national basis (England & Wales) to evict unauthorised occupiers from your private and public land. We offer this service every day of the year. You, as the landowner or representative, have a common law right to have them evicted from your land – that’s where King Cobra Enforcement come in. With our considerable experience in handling these matters, we can take action safely and effectively. We will use our knowledge that has been gained over the last 18 years to repossess the land as quickly and effectively as possible. We will usually take legal possession back within 24 to 48 hours of your instruction. All our Enforcement Agents wear guardian body-worn cameras, so the whole process is recorded for evidence, their own personal safety and also record any damage that may have been caused to your property. The use of body cams can also help to deter aggressive behaviour.

Our on the ground team will communicate with the office, who in turn will communicate with you during the process keeping you up to date on progress. Unfortunately, on the odd occasion, our Agents receive high levels of threats and aggression. Our expert teams deal with these situations with minimal fuss. If needed, we can facilitate tow trucks to safety removal vehicles.